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Nature 2 Express Kit - 40mm

Nature 2 Express Kit - 40mm system / Includes cartridge

A Nature2 mineral purifier is a water sanitising system which uses trace mineral elements to kill bacteria and algae in your pool. Using one allows you to use significantly less harsh chemicals like chlorine. The silver combined with a small amount of chlorine kills bacteria much faster than chlorine alone. They keep pool water stable even in hot weather and in heavily used pools.


  • Automatically disperses silver and copper ions that kill bacteria and algae to maintain water quality in your pool.

  • Maintains a stronger, healthier pH balance in your pool.

  • Reduces chlorine levels by half, only minimum chlorine level (1ppm) required.

  • Reduces stinging eyes and skin irritation.

  • No moving parts or electricity required, works automatically using the water flow from your existing filtration system.

  • Suitable for use in conjunction with saltwater chlorinators.



To maintain optimal performance from Nature2 Express pool water purifier, Zodiac recommends replacing the cartridge every 6 months. Simply unscrew the lid to remove and replace the cartridge.

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