Paramount 240 Cell

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Replacement cell for Paramount 240

  • O ring, lead.
  • Complete vertical, standard cell.
  • Plate type: Mesh
  • Number of plates: 3
  • Plate length: 480mm
  • Amps: 18


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Why to buy replacement chlorinator cell from us? For your peace of mind we offer:

Best Pool Supplies is Australia's largest replacement cell provider offering complete range of highest qyuality chlorinator electrodes and cells for most makes and models at competetive price.

Extra Long Life Replacement Electrodes – Our replacement cells are manufactured by using high grade solid titanium plates from US. Many competitors use lower quality titanium plates or even mesh plates in their electrodes that have much shorter life span and are also harder to clean. Our solid titanium plates ensure the longevity of the cell providing cleaner and healthier water in your pool or spa for longer time and hassle free electrode cleaning if needed.

Widest Range And Friendly Expert Advice – We have replacement cell for majority of chlorinators ever sold on Australian market. If you are having hard time finding the cell you are after, please contact us and one of our friendly expert team member will be pleased to help you finding the replacement part for your appliaction.

Express Delivery – At Best Pool Supplies we are well aware that for your pool water health sake the time can be critical when it comes to fixing the faulty chlorinator. We provide fast despatch of the purchased goods and also try to find the quickest delivery option for your location to make sure that urgently needed part gets to you in timely manner.

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6 Year Limited Warranty - Our generic replacement cells have been specifically manufactured to meet all original factory requirements and use only the highest quality titanium electrode materials. This allows us to offer our customers an Industry Leading 6 Year Limited Warranty (2 years full, 4 years pro rata) against any manufacturing defects. Years 1 & 2 Full Manufacturer Warranty*. Years 3 to 6 Replacement cell will be supplied at 50% of the manufacturer current published recommended retail price **

* Manufacturer reserves the right to determine whether or not a cell will be replaced with a new or refurbished cell or repaired.

** For commercial application the full warranty is for 1 year only and pro – rata warranty for 5 years thereafter

NB! Warranty does not include return postage. 

Manufactured in Australia – If all of the above was not convincig – here comes best part: our replacement salt chlorinator replacement cells and electrodes are manufactured right here in Australia by one of the Worlds leading chlorinator manufacturers. By buying from us you will not only support local industry but can also be sure of quality of the workmanship and local aftersales support.


Although the cells provided by Best Pool Supplies is manufactured from high quality materials with longevity in mind, over the period of time the elctrolysis will wear out the cell coating which will in end result the electrodes to stop producing chlorine.

Here are some handy hints that help you to prolong the life span of your chlorinator cell:

  • Don’t overwork your salt cell – running the chlorinator at 100% output or longer than 8 hours a day will shorten is life.
  • Use Conditioner or Stabilizer to protect your chlorine from breaking up in the UV of the sun which will again prevent overworking your salt cell.
  • Keep proper pH balance. PH level below 7.2 will etch the salt cell, and if above 7.6 will reduce the chlorine’s effectiveness. To reduce the PH use pool acid or dry acid and raise the PH use soda ash.
  • Maintain proper salt level in the pool. Low salt levels will destroy the coating of the electrodes and high salt levels will overload the chlorinator.
  • Inspect the cell regularly and once you notice scale build up on the electrodes clean it with apropriate Salt Cell Cleaner.

Calcium deposit (formation of scale) is one of the main reasons of premature failure of the chlorinator electrode. Scale on the electrodes will reduce the chlorine production, restrict the flow of the water and if not addressed it will put unneccesary strain not only on the cell but also on the powerpack and can cause damage to both. It is important check the cell and clean the electrodes from scale when it becomes necessary.

How quickly calcium builds up on electrode(s) varies from pool to pool and depends on on various factors:

  • Your georaphic location – areas with hard water and when bore water is used the scale forms quite quickly.
  • The pool finish - calcium from the pool plaster (concrete pools) or grouts (tiled pools) can raise the calcium levels of the pool water.
  • Pool chemicals - superchlorinating with calcium hypochlorite affects pool water calcium content.
  • Unbalanced PH levels of the water plays role in calcium build up on the electrodes.
  • Incorrect salt level.

If you your chlorinator is non self cleaning (does not reverse polarity) it is advisable to check the cell once a week (even more often during summer months). If the milky white substance starts to appear on the electrode(s) you know it is time to give the cell a clean.

These days most new chlorinators on the market are self cleaning. These units avoid scale build up on the electrodes by reversing the polarity between the electrodes, repelling mineral deposits, which are washed away by the poolwater rushing through the cell housing before they can attach to the opposedly charged electrode. Even if the chlorinator is self cleaning, the cell still needs to be cleaned roughly once every 6 months (more often in hard water areas). Many of these intelligent units advise you when it is time to clean the cell and warn about low salt level in the pool water as well.

To clean the cell:

  Switch of the chlorinator and remove the cell from the housing following manufacturer instructions.

  • If the scale layer is not very heavy the deposits can be washed away with garden hose. (NB! Do not brush the electrodes or scrape with sharp objects)
  • If the above does not help, it is needed to soak the cell in suitable cleaning solution like Salt Chlorinator Cleaner or self mixed acid solution. To prepare acid solution mix in the bucket 1 part of Pool Acid (Hydrochloric Acid) with 5 parts of water. Submerge the cell into the solution for 3-5 minutes. If it takes longer than 5 minutes to clean the cell it is an indication that the electrodes should be cleaned more frequently
  • Put the cell back to cell housing

NB! Always take extra care when handling chemicals and store them out of the reach of children.


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