Replacement Cartridge Filter Elements For Your Swimming Pool Or Spa


Replacement Cartridge Filter Elements For Your Pool Or Spa

We stock replacement Cartridge Filter Elements for all major pool and spa filter manufacturers in our online store. Our filter elements are made from Reemay filter material which outlasts most other filter materials.

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How To Take Care Of Your Cartridge Filter Element

When you have a cartridge filter element from Best Pool Supplies, it's important to understand how to take care of it. We use only top-quality filter materials to ensure you get the strength you need. With a cartridge filter element from us, you get low loss and low breakage characteristics.

If your cartridge filter element becomes blocked, it won't work properly. The water won't be properly filtered and it will put more pressure on your swimming pool pump than necessary. This can cause a shorter lifespan for your pump.

Taking care of your cartridge filter element will keep everything working properly. You'll get a longer lifespan out of your pump. Let's look at some of the best ways to make sure your filter is properly cared for.


Cleaning Your Pool Filter Cartridge

About once every fortnight, you want to clean your cartridge filter element. While this is the easiest way to make sure your filter stays clean, you can also use the following signs to know when to clean your filter.


Operation Pressure Becomes Higher Than Normal

Anytime the pressure reaches about 8 psi or higher, you want to clean the filter. This is above the normal operating pressure. It's a good idea to check the owner's manual for the filter or the printing on the filter housing to ensure you know the proper pressure.


After Any Algae Treatment

If you treat your pool for algae, it's time to clean the filter. Once the chemicals have done their job and killed off the algae, it will end up in your filter. Make sure to clean it thoroughly.


After Heavy Usage

Maybe you recently had a pool party or you just had more people in your pool than normal. This heavier usage of your pool causes the filter to work overtime. It has to get rid of more dead skin cells, body oils, and other debris. Anytime your pool is getting used more than normal, it's time to clean the cartridge filter element.


How To Clean Your Cartridge Filter Element

When it's time to clean your pool filter, it's important to know how to do this properly. Here are the step-by-step instructions you need to follow to properly clean your pool filter.

Step #1 - Turn The Pump Off

You want to turn the pump for your swimming pool off. If you happen to have an automated system, you will need to turn off the main power to the pump. This needs to be done for safety reasons. The last thing you need is the pump turning on while you're working on cleaning the cartridge filter.


Step #2 - Remove The Filter

Next, you will want to take the filter element out of the housing. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make this happen.


Step #3 - Clean The Filter

You want to clean out the dirt and debris using a garden hose to rinse the filter element inside and out. Get between the pleats to clean it thoroughly. If you want to make sure it's fully cleaned, there are several cartridge filter cleaning devices you can use to get in between the pleats and into the crevasses.


Step #4 - Let The Filter Element Dry

As the filter element dries, the smaller particles of dirt can be removed by using compressed air.


Step #5 - Replace The Filters

After the filter cartridges have been cleaned and dried, you can return them to the filter tank. Make sure to put them back in place and tightly close the O-ring or clamping mechanism. You can apply a small amount of silicon-based lubricant to the O-ring to ensure it lasts longer.


Step #6 - Turn The Air Release Valve

Finally, you will want to turn the air release valve back to the closed position. Now, you can turn the pump on to make sure everything works properly.


Bonus Cleaning Tip: Use A Degreaser

If you want to go the extra mile, you can use a degreaser to clean the cartridge filter element. This tip will help you remove sunscreen, body fats, and other oils. Make sure you choose an approved cartridge filter cleaner from your local pool shop.

Whenever you clean your cartridge filter element, you want to do a quick visual check of the filter. Look for any cracks in the plastic housing, tears in the pleats, or any other signs of damage. Even just a little bit of damage can cause your filter not to work properly.


A Few Things to Avoid Doing When Cleaning Your Filters

1. Never Use A Stiff Brush

A stiff brush used to clean the please will damager them. Always use a soft-bristle brush or another device to clean the filter.


2. Avoid Using Power Washers

Cartridges are not designed to be cleaned with a power washer. The force can easily destroy your filter cartridge by destroying the mesh material. This material is made of thin fabric or paper, typically.


3. The Filter Mesh Doesn't Need To Be Completely White

When you follow the above cleaning steps for your cartridge filter element, you don't need to worry if the mesh isn't completely white. The filter will likely not look brand new, and that is okay. As long as you cannot see any build-up or debris, your filter is likely clean. Some discoloration is fine and can be expected over time.

If you're not satisfied with how clean your filter is after following the steps above, it's time to buy a new filter cleaner from your local pool supply store.


How To Know When You Should Replace The Filter Element

While cleaning your cartridge filter element can certainly extend the lifespan, you will have to replace the filter occasionally. If you use your pool or spa often, you might need to replace the filter twice a year. Even with light use, it should be replaced every year.

One of the main signs your filter needs replaced happens after you clean it. When you put it back into place, if the operating pressure doesn't drop, it's time to replace the filter element.

You will also want to replace the filter element if you see inadequate filtration. Cloudy or dirty pool water, along with excessive debris in your pool, are signs the filter isn't working properly. Sometimes, this happens if the filter element is torn or has worn out.

While cartridge filter elements are reusable, they don't last forever. You will need to replace them, at some point, usually based on how often you use the swimming pool or spa.

Use this guide to properly clean and care for your cartridge filter element. When it's time to replace your filter, Best Pool Supplies has the right options for you.



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and enter a draw to win Zodiac OT15

Robotic Pool Cleaner valued