Davey PoolSweepa Optima Plus Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner with Wonder Brush and Remote - Based on Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners

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The Davey PoolSweepa Optima Plus+ Cordless robotic cleaner with integrated thinking, makes light work of cleaning difficult pool types.

The Poolsweepa™ Optima Plus+ is a top of the range standalone cordless robotic pool cleaner with exceptional cleaning capabilities. The Optima Plus+ is suited for residential pools up to 15 metres in length.

The unique battery-powered robotic pool cleaner is recommended for pools that are irregularly shaped and/or have in-pool obstacles, such as islands, pillars and bridges. Featuring the integrated gyro it cleans pool floor, walls and waterline with ease.

With cordless, battery-powered operation, the Optima Plus+ cleans pools that no other robot can handle including:

• Proven, reliable performance powered by a Lithium Ion Battery (LIB)

• Outstanding cleaning efficiency and effectiveness, without intervention

• Super-easy, safe operation and maintenance

• Fast and easy recharging

• The freedom of a cordless cleaner


The Davey Optima Plus+ Features and Benefits:


• Scrubs, brushes, vacuums and filters the entire pool

• Advanced scanning program ensures optimal pool coverage, with entire-pool cleaning in 1.5 hours or less

• Integrated gyro further enhances scanning efficiency, precision and manoeuvrability

• Obstacle escape mechanism enables continual, intervention-free operation

• Battery charger provides fast and easy charging in approximately 4 hours

• Remote control with selectable cleaning programs and manual navigation

• Unique, built-in battery compartment inside the motor unit minimises weight and simplifies operation

• Dual-active brushing delivers top-of-the-line cleaning performance

• Super-convenient top opening filtration compartments for easy emptying and cleaning



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and enter a draw to win Zodiac OT15

Robotic Pool Cleaner valued

and enter a draw to win Zodiac OT15

Robotic Pool Cleaner valued