Waterco Whisperair 900w Spa Blower


NB! This product is sold with installation included, and must be installed by a Waterco trained technician.

Waterco Whisperair 900w Spa Blower


Getting those powerful bubbles in your spa without any loud noise requires the right spa blower. The WaterCo Spa Blowers provide:

  • High-Flow air movement

  • Variable mounting options

  • Super quiet operation

  • Compact Design


Compact Design

The design of the WaterCo Spa Blowers makes them very easy to install in smaller areas. It's a very compact design with the ability to reduce installation cost and time. The mounting base and air inlet/outlets are also well positioned to make the design even easier to install.


Variable Mounting Options

All WaterCo Spa Blower come with 50mm diameter outlet ports. The ports are found in the bottom cowl of the blower and on the side of the blower. This means, the stand can easily be attached to either of these ports, which leave the other one free for spa piping. You can also connect the pipe to the bottom cowl outlet port and seal the other outlet port.


Thermal Cutout

Safety features of the WaterCo Spa Blowers are very important. The integral thermal cutout will stop the motor from becoming too hot. It's not required to reset anything because the motor will automatically restart once it has been cooled.


Airflo, Whisperair and Whisperair S

These standard WaterCo models will draw air in through the bottom cowl. The airflow model provides inlet holes throughout the bottom cowl, while the Whisperair models use gaps around the perimeter of the bottom cowl to draw air in.


The Whisperair S

The Whisperair S WaterCo Spa Blower comes with an air switch controller. It also comes with connecting tubing for remote activation or deactivation. The air switch controller button can be installed in the shell of the spa. It connects to the blower with tubing.





Waterco Spa Blower Datasheet Brochure

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