Gator Pool Surface / Leaf Skimmer - Automated Inline Pool Surface Cleaner

Gator Automated Surface / Leaf Skimmer - Inline Pool Surface Cleaner

Your pool cleaned like never before: the surface and the bottom. 

Gator works together with your suction pool cleaner to deliver a pool cleaned like never before. While your cleaner cleans the bottom of the pool, Gator cleans the surface. It skims all floating debris such as leaves, grass and bugs from the surface.

The surface of the pool contains the greatest microbiological hazards as it is there where the water gets the warmest and the chlorine is at its weakest. Leafs, grass clippings, insects, dust, body fat, suntan oil and other materials usually stay on the surface and they create an environment in which bacteria and algae thrive.

By skimming the surface you ensure that those materials are removed, and in addition the warm contaminated water from the surface gets processed and filtered into the cooler regions where the disinfectant action is more effective.

Unlike other surface skimmers that are fixed to the return line, Gator moves around the pool together with the cleaner making it the most effective surface skimmer.


Your pool cleaned better than ever. Gator works together with your pool cleaner. One cleans the surface, the other the bottom. You will seriously wonder why you didn’t get a Gator before.

Better Sanitation: Gator removes all the microbiological hazards that float in the pool, which drastically reduces algae and bacteria growth.

Effective: As it moves around the pool, it does not rely on favourable currents and wind – unlike most other surface skimmers which are fixed.

Improves the pool cleaner performance. It removes the leafs and debris from the surface before they sink and clog the cleaner. No more need for you to manually clean the pool surface any more. Save yourself from hours of labouring.

Easy to install and operate: just connect it to the pool hose within 2 to 3 segments from the suction pool cleaner and you are ready to go.

Low maintenance. The design is so simple, it requires virtually no maintenance from you.

Safe to use. Its Poly-foam floatation material acts as a safety cushion. Being lightweight, it will simply move away if bumped into. Gator is suitable for all suction pool cleaners in all pools sizes, shapes and surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Devours surface leaves and debris as it randomly moves around the pool.
  • Improves pool cleaner performance: leaves skimmed before they can clog.
  • Designed with safety in mind.
  • Easy to install - low maintenance.
  • Won't affect pool cleaner operation -operates with all suction models.
  • Does away with unsightly debris bags.
  • Easy to clean from the weir.
  • Fine Particles and contaminants still filtered though the filter.
  • Unique patented design.
  • Effectively cleans along the sides of the pool.
  • Operates at any water level.


What's In the Box:

  • Gator Pool Skimmer
  • Manual
  • Fittings to suit all pools & hoses
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