Compu Pool CPCS24 Salt Water Chlorinator (Discontinued)

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Compu Pool CPCS24 Salt Water Chlorinator

The Compu Pool CPCS24 Salt Water Chlorinator (Discontinued) is a saltwater chlorinator that lets you enjoy a stunningly clear pool without the presence of harsh chemicals. Saltwater chlorination is a clean, safe and easy way of looking after your pool without using chemicals that can irritate.


How it works

The Compu Pool CPCS24 Salt Water Chlorinator is a high performance chlorination system that adds salt to the water, 0.35% - 0.4% salt content. The water is then moved through the electrolytic cell to produce chlorine gas that stops algae and purifies the pool or spa.

The Benefits of Saltwater Chlorination

  • No eye or ear irritation;
  • A reduction in the unpleasant odour and taste;
  • The elimination of the need to store and use hazardous chlorine;
  • No need to buy expensive chlorine;
  • Automated chlorination;
  • Is suitable for all types of pool surfaces.
  • Features of the Compo Pool Chlorinator include:
  • 3500 P.P.M. salt;
  • An easy to read LCD digital display;
  • Handy LED indicator lights;
  • High and low salt fault lights to indicate levels;
  • No flow sensor and fault light to track problems;
  • A self-regulating function automatically starts if salt content is too high;
  • Weather resistant;
  • A special winter mode for designed for cold water operation;
  • SuperChlor mode for increasing chlorine levels during busy periods;
  • Easy to use touch pad controls;
  • Fully automated- program for when you are not at home;
  • Simple to install;
  • Reliable and durable;
  • Digital time clock with battery backup timer;
  • Cell has push on water proof connectors for simple exchange of cell;
  • Advanced high grade U.V. stabilised plastic control unit;
  • Large alloy heatsink for heat disipation and corrosion resistance.

The Compu Pool CPCS Chlorinator looks after the health of your pool without the harsh chemicals. A high performer, the CPCS Chlorinator is tough and reliable and will give you many long years of service in your pool.

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Compu Pool CPCS Chlorinator Brochure / Datasheet

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