Davey SpaPower 1200 4.5 kW Spa Pool Controller - 40 amp Single Phase

Davey Spa-Quip / SpaPower 1200 4.5 kW Spa Pool Controller - Max 40 amp - Single Phase - Q1200-45


Davey Spa-Quip / SpaPower 1200 4.5Kw Spa Pool Controller - Max 40amp - Single Phase - Q1200-45

The Davey SpaPower 1200 4.5 kW Spa Pool Controller is the most capable in the range with the functionality to manage increased demands required for large spa pools and swim spas. 

Capable of running up to FIVE pumps (single or two speed), plus blower/s, circulation pump and ozonator, single/variable coloured lights or the Davey SpaPower chain lighting system. Up to 60 individual LED lights can be run from this unit for a spectacular display of colour in and around your spa pool. 

Multiphase supply is available for the SP1200-35 only - SP1200-45 & SP1200-60 models are single phase (220/240V). 

Supplied with a multi-lingual LCD poolside touchpad, the SP1200 offers full programmability at the users fingertips. Oval shaped touchpad supplied as standard. 



  • Top of the range, Davey SpaPower® 1200 pool controllers are designed for larger spa pools including swim spas.

  • Handling up to 40amps, the controller can handle multiple single and two speed pumps, lights, blower and auxiliary equipment including VSD, sound system and heat pump capability

  • Controlled by an easy to use, LED poolside touchpad, sold separately

  • Can be upgraded to 70amps with optional expander box

Davey Spa-Quip Spa Pool Controllers Brochure
Davey Spa-Quip 1200 Spa Pool Controller Manual

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and enter a draw to win Zodiac OT15

Robotic Pool Cleaner valued