Waterco Electroheat Plus MKIII - 37kW - 3 Phase Pool Heat Pump


NB! This product is sold with installation included, and must be installed by a Waterco trained technician.

Waterco Electroheat Plus MKIII - 37KW - 3 Phase Pool Heat Pump

Waterco Electroheat - Providing Energy Efficient Heating


You invested plenty of cash into your swimming pool. If you want to get the most out of it, you need to keep it at a temperature allowing you to use the pool as much as possible. With the right heat pump, you can extend your swimming days to cover all 24 hours and you can extend your swimming season.

When you start looking for the right heating option, you may look into gas and electric heaters. Compared to these standard choices, the Waterco Electroheat pool heat pump uses a fraction of the energy to provide just as much heat. However, it's not a solar heater, so you don't have to rely on the sun. Instead, the Electroheat heat pump uses the latent heat in the air to heat your swimming pool.

The Waterco Electroheat heat pump is idea for heating:

  • Plunge pools

  • Spas and swim spas

  • Swimming pools to help extend your swimming season

  • Swimming pools if you want to enjoy it all year long


Inexpensive and Energy Efficient Heating


Compared to propane gas, natural gas and electric heaters, the Waterco Electroheat and Electroheat Plus provide more heat for the small amount of energy used. For every 1kW of energy consumed by the pump, it will produce as much as 5kW of heat for your pool.

Save as much as:

  • 50% over a natural gas heating solution

  • 80% over a propane gas heating solution

  • 500% over an electric heating solution


How Does the Electroheat Heat Pump Work?


The Electroheat heat pump uses a refrigeration technology to take the hat out of the surround air and move it into your swimming pool. The steps include:

  • Heat Extraction - The fan will circulate the nearby air through the evaporator air coil, which will act as a collector for the heat. The liquid refrigerant will absorb the heat from the ambient air.

  • Heat Transfer - Once the heat has been absorbed, the hot refrigerant will flow through the heat exchanger and transfer the heat to the water in your swimming pool.

  • Heat Intensification - After the heat has been transferred, the compressor will receive the warmed refrigerant to intensify the heat. This part of the process will also include the hot refrigerant being pumped through the heat exchanger.

  • Recycle - Finally, the refrigerant will restart the process and flow through the evaporator air coil again to collect even more heat.


Compact Design Makes the Waterco Electroheat Ideal for heating:


  • Spas

  • Plunge Pools

  • Swimming Pools of all shapes and sizes

  • Swim Spas

The Waterco Electroheat pool heat pump is available in 12, 15, 19 and 23kW heating capacities.


Benefits and Features of the Waterco Electroheat Heat Pump:


  • Self-diagnosis and temperature management with user-friendly LED controls

  • Efficient scroll compressor provides the power

  • Weatherproof ABS cabinet

  • Maximum heat transfer achieved through the dual coil heat exchanger

  • Safety devices built-in for refrigerant level, compressor and water flow, along with start-up delay

  • Titanium dual coil heat exchanger is very resistant to baquacil salt, ozone, iodine and chlorinated water

  • Very large evaporator area for extracting even more ambient heat

  • Easy to install

  • R410A refrigerant gas maximizes the performance

  • 5 year warranty - Residential 2 + 3 years and Commercial 1 year


Energy efficient heating

A swimming pool is a major financial investment. Getting the most out of your pool, means keeping the pool at a swimmable temperature for the maximum number of hours in each day and the maximum number of days in each year. A heat pump will economically keep your pool warm 24 hours a day.



Waterco Electroheat Pool Heat Pumps Brochure
Waterco Electroheat Pool Heat Pumps Manual

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