Zodiac Z200 M5 - 14KW Pool Heat Pump

Zodiac Z200 M5 - 14KW Pool Heat Pump


Zodiac Z200 M5 - 14KW Pool Heat Pump

Get the newest, most efficient pool heater from Zodiac; the 14kW Z200 M5 heat pump. The Z200 M5 extends your swimming season or makes for all year round swimming with a thermal blanket. Being just 14kW, the Z200 M5 is incredibly affordable to run compared to solar or gas. Buy the Z200 M5 for the lowest price around, only at Best Pool Supplies.

Z200 M5 Features 

-    80% heat comes from air

-    No electrician required

-    Fitted with cord & plug

-    Intelli-Heat ready

-    Plug & play

-    All-weather

How it works

The assumption is that solar heating is more efficient than a heat pump is a myth. The fact is, the sun only shines in the daytime, not including cloudy days and cold snaps. The Z200 M5 is affordable to run in all-weather, day and night. This heat pump will draw heat from ambient temperatures as low as one degree.

In fact, 80% of the heat energy Z200 M5 needs comes from the air. It employs very similar principles to reverse cycle air conditioners found in homes to heat the swimming pool water. It may be compact, but the Z200 punches above its weight. Features like Intelli-Heat allow the M5 to run independently of the filter cycle throughout the day.

Zodiac promises an inexpensive and easy installation with the Z200 M5. Exclusive to this model is a plug and cord factory fitted for plug-and-play set-up. Therefore, installing the Zodiac Z200 isn't difficult and requires minimal plumbing. This particular pump contains protection from environmental and wildlife damage. 


Established in 1981, Zodiac Group guarantees a warranty period of two years for the Z200 M5.



Zodiac Z200 M5 Pool Heat Pump

Tthe Zodiac Z200 pool heater fits perfect with most domestic pool. It's the newest in the range of pool heaters from Zodiac with many user-friendly features. This specific pool heat pump works best for pools up to 55,000 liters throughout Australia. It does have the potential to provide year-round swimming if used with a thermal blanket.

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