Davey Nirvana 34 KW Pool Heat Pump

Davey Nirvana 34 KW Pool Heat Pump


Davey Nirvana 34 KW Heat Pump

Achieve the highest coefficient of performance (COP) with Davey’s latest 34kW Nirvana heat pump.

From the swept-wing fan blades to the ultra-resistant composite cabinet and titanium double coil heat exchanger, Davey’s Nirvana offers incredible durability and stable outputs.

Reduce your carbon footprint with Nirvana’s environmentally friendly and efficient R410A refrigerant.

Best Pool Supplies guarantee the best price for Davey’s Nirvana 34 KW Heat Pump.

Nirvana Features

-    Scroll compressor technology

-    Refrigerant filter dryer

-    Auto-defrost

-    Corrosion inhibiting treatments

-    Electronic control board

-    Quiet operation

-    Swept-wing fan blades

-    Ultra-resistant composite cabinet

-    Thermostatic expansion valve

-    R410A refrigerant

-    Titanium double coil heat exchanger

How it works

Be proud to own the highest coefficient of performance (COP) heat pump on the market. A COP is the efficiency formula rating that all appliances share, where the ratio of input meets output. Using scroll compressor technology, the Nirvana achieves peak efficiency, whisper-quiet operation and eco-sustainability. Finally, the thermostatic valve regulates refrigerant based on evaporator and weather conditions. Combine with the Davey Silensor or ProMaster pool pump for even greater results.

Davey products are built to last, thats why the Nirvana is equipped with the highest quality materials. The titanium double coil heat exchanger is an excellent example of this. The dual coil design helps transfer heat while resisting erosion and corrosion. Another example is the refrigerant filter dryer, which protects the refrigeration circuit and keeps the humidity level in check. A handy auto-defrost feature protects the electronics inside. Even the easy to use electronic controls are corrosion resistant.

Whether its mineral salt, saltwater or chlorine, the end-result is this - the Nirvana will live a long, fruitful life. In-ground, above-ground, plunge pools, light commercial applications and even spas are all compatible with Daveys market-leading heat pump.


Davey offers a comprehensive warranty on the Nirvana: one-year for labour, three-years for parts, five-years for the compressor, ten-years for the titanium coil and fifteen-years for the cabinet.




Davey Nirvana Pool Heat Pump Brochure

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