SwimSportz Swim Cord - Swimming Harness - Stationary Swimming System - 1.3 metre Cord

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SwimSportz Ankle Swim Cord - Swimming Harness - Stationary Swimming System 

Now you can improve your swimming without the hassle of travelling to the local pool. The Swim Cord can be used in any size pool and will allow you to perform as if you were in an Olympic training pool. From the elite swimmer who wants to improve on their stroke, those who want to increase their overall fitness, or for people who need rehabilitation, it's the ideal resistance product. 


  • Works in any size pool
  • Ideal for sports training, fitness or physical therapy in the pool
  • Helps improve stroke technique and increase overall endurance
  • Swim stationary cord designed for resistance and full body workout
  • 1.3 metre Cord


  1. Fasten one end of the elastic stretch Swimcord to a secure point (e.g. pool fence). 
  2. Step into the pool.
  3. Strap and secure the other two ends of the Swimcord to your ankles. The fit should be a little loose, but not loose enough to swim out of it.
  4. Slowly wade out until you feel the Swimcord take the strain and then start swimming.
  5. It is recommended to swim towards the deep end of the pool to avoid your stroke being impeded by the shallow end. Stretching of the cord may occur through normal use but will not affect the performance of the Swimcord.



  • The Swim Trainer should be rinsed with fresh water after use.
  • This product should be used by children ONLY under the supervision of an adult.
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