Zodiac Tornax TX35 Robotic Pool Cleaner


Zodiac Tornax TX35 Robo‚Äčtic Pool Cleaner

Top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art, the all-in-one Tornax TX35 is the premium robotic pool cleaner.


Using an innovative smart motion system, the TX35 scrubs walls, floors and tight corners with ease.


Only with this top-shelf product comes a golf caddy storage cart and transparent filter.


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Tornax TX35 Features

  • Sharp front scrubbing brushes
  • Grippy caterpillar tracks
  • Straightforward eBox control panel
  • Real Zodiac® Intelligence
  • Golf caddy storage for cables
  • Featherweight at 5.5 KGs
  • Transparent filter lid
  • Integrated safety protocols
  • 16.5m cable (pools up to 10m x 5m)
  • Energy-efficient design

How it works

Unlike cheaper robotic pool products, the Tornax TX35 is self-contained and doesn't rely on your pool filter for power. Instead, a power cable is plugged into the control eBox, which connects to a 16.5-metre cable. Lower the device into your pool and with one touch of a button, the cleaner springs to life and embarks on a two-hour cleaning cycle.

What sets the Tornax apart from the rest, is the intelligence packed inside the control board. The Smart Motion System is responsible for keeping this device out of tricky corners, turning around obstacles and within an efficient cleaning line. With its powerful electrical motor, the system sucks up even the most substantial debris without loss of suction power. 

Glance through the transparent filter to check if it's time for a filter wash. Utilise the Push' N' Go button to spring open the filter hatch; grab the large handle and pull out the rigid filter canister. Then, it's s simple case of spraying down the filter head with a garden hose and returning.


Zodiac (est. 1983) offer a two-year cover for replacement and one year warranty for the filter canister on the TX35.

Zodiac Tornax TX35 Robotic Pool Cleaner Manual

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and enter a draw to win Zodiac OT15

Robotic Pool Cleaner valued