Zodiac OT15 Robotic Pool Cleaner - Floor, Wall & Waterline

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Zodiac OT15 / TX20 / TX30 / TX35 Storage Caddy / Trolley


Easily transport and store your robotic pool cleaner. Storage caddy is easy to assemble with no tools required. Features 2 wheels and a convenient handle. Durable UV stabilised plastic construction.

Zodiac OT15 Robo​tic Pool Cleaner

Built like a tank, Zodiac’s OT15 lightweight robotic pool cleaner scales floors and walls up to the waterline.

The all-in-one machine works independently from your pool filter. It packs both a filter and electric motor for deep-scrubbing.

Unlike cheaper cleaners, software intelligence inside the Zodiac OT15 ensures it never gets trapped in corners.

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Zodiac OT15 Features

-    Powerful brush and vacuum

-    2.5 hours cleaning cycle

-    Extra-long 14-metre cable

-    200 Micron Filter Canister (100 micron sold separately)

-    Only weighs 7kg

-    Energy efficient

-    Easy access filter canister

-    Plug & play on/off button

How it works

The Zodiac OT15 is engineered for total pool coverage and performance. This is achieved through its self-contained design, working independently from your pool filter. Rather than relying on water pressure for direction, the autonomous robot is free to clean the pool methodically.

With just one on/off switch and one 2.5 hour cleaning cycle, the Zodiac OT15 is plug & play from start to finish. Removing the 7KG device out of the water is easy with a large ergonomic handle. Then, simply pop off the opaque top cover, remove the filter and quickly rotate to rinse clean.

Fourteen metres of power cable ensures pools up to 8m x 4m can be serviced. Compatible surfaces include concrete, fibreglass, pebblecrete, quartzon and vinyl (tiled pool model sold separately). Zodiacs eco robotic cleaners are proudly top-rated energy-efficient products on the market.


The premium pool brand in Australia, Zodiac certifies a two-year replacement warranty on the Zodiac OT15.

Zodiac OT15 Robotic Pool Cleaner Manual

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