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Zodiac Ei18 / Ei 18 Cell - Replacement Electrode - Generic

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Zodiac Clearwater Ei18 Chlorinator Replacement Cell - Generic

  • Output capacity (Cl gas): 18 g/hr
  • Self Cleaning Cell
  • Plate type: Solid

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Extra Long Life Replacement Electrodes – Our replacement cells are manufactured by using high-grade solid titanium plates from the US. Many competitors use lower quality titanium plates or even mesh plates in their electrodes with a much shorter life span and are also harder to clean. Our solid titanium plates ensure the cell's longevity, providing cleaner and healthier water in your pool or spa for a longer time and hassle-free electrode cleaning if needed. Click here to read how to look after your salt cell...

Widest Range And Friendly Expert Advice – We have replacement cells for the majority of chlorinators ever sold on the Australian market. If you are having a hard time finding the cell you are after, please contact us, and one of our friendly expert team members will be pleased to help you find the replacement part for your application.

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2-year manufacturer warranty - Our generic replacement cells are specifically manufactured to meet all original factory requirements and use only the highest quality titanium electrode materials.

Replacing Zodiac Ei Chlorinator Cell

When replacing this electrode you should reset the cell OPERATING HOURS. The system has a built in HOUR meter recording your run time of the electrode.

If you get a message “CHECK CELL”  this does not stop  your chlorinator from working but rather a bit of information telling you a cell change is due (similar to modern cars that have annoying hour meters built in).

The CHECK CELL message on your Chlorinator is not always a fault, it is simply to remind you to check your  equipment from time to time. It comes up when your cell has done 6000 hours or more.

To reset your run hours (recommended when installing this new cell) or to clear the message please follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the MINUTE button for about 10 seconds, until you see the CELL HRS & CHLOR HRS displayed.
  • Press the HOURS button to reset the CELL HRS. NOTE: The CHLOR HRS cannot be reset.
  • Press CLOCK button to get back to the main menu. The message will now be gone.

NOTE: Your chlorinator was still working as normal while this message was on the screen.

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and enter a draw to win Zodiac OT15

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