Pentair Rebel 2 Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Pentair Rebel 2

Fight against tedious pool chores by enlisting the redesigned Rebel 2 suction-side pool cleaner.

Join the two-wheel revolution to catch crud, fight filth and suck up sand.

Using its superior manoeuvrability, the compact Rebel 2 climbs walls, turns corners and dodges obstacles for complete cleaning coverage.

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Pentair Rebel 2 Features

-    Sure‐Flow anti-clog turbine

-    Added tyre tread for traction

-    Dual-action roller skirt

-    Superior two-wheel dexterity

-    Programmed cleaning cycle

-    Works out the box

-    Ultra-modern design

How it works

Packed full of patented technology, the Rebel 2 offers unique performance and longer life with its new (V2) enhanced design. Features like the Sure-Flow turbine pass debris through powerfully to ensure no clogging. SmartTrac™ autopilot steering and Steady-Grip wheels offer unprecedented tyre traction. Finally, the dual-action roller skirt and upgraded chassis design are installed to ensure no interruption to the cleaning cycle.

The Rebel 2 is designed with simplicity in mind. For this reason, the main body is shipped in once piece, so it works out the box. Included are 10 X 1-metre length hoses to connect to your existing pump. Just set it and forget it. When it comes to cleaning, push the quick-release latch on the topside and spray down the filter with a garden hose.

Whether you own a granite, vinyl, fibreglass or tile pool, the Rebel 2s durable traction will get the job done. And with its enhanced hydraulic design, it matches a plethora of variable speeds and flow pumps. Theres even a connector port for dedicated vacuum line installations.


Suppliers Pentair (founded 1966) provides a three-year out-the-box warranty for the Rebel 2

Rebel 2 Manual

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and enter a draw to win Zodiac OT15

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