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AAIM Spa Factory 50 Replacement Cartridge - 255 X 127

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AAIM Spa Factory 50 Replacement Cartridge - 255 X 127




A: Diameter: 127mm
B:  Length: 255mm (not incl handle)
C: Hole: 45mm

Type: Has a semi-circle handle on the top
& a fine internal thread hole on the bottom.


Why choose our replacement cartridge filters elements?

Our replacement cartridge filters are made of high quality Reemay filter material from US.


Stronger filter media. Our filters are manufactured using Reemay filter material which is stronger than most other filter materials on the market. Once filter media starts to deteriorate, it will no longer filter efficiently which results in poor water quality. Choosing our high quality filters means cleaner hygienic water in your pool or spa, fewer replacements, lower cost and more time for enjoyment.

Higher filtering efficiency. The Reemay polyester has been manufactured with strength, durability and ease of cleaning in mind, providing strong, even pleats, greater surface area and higher filtering efficiency.

Continuous fibre filter media. Filters are designed to remove contaminants from the pool and spa water, but some filter media has fibres that can break and get into the your filtration system. Our filters are made of continuous fibres to minimise the chances of breakage and loss.

Reduced cleaning frequency. Our replacement cartridge filter elements are made with a rigid, banded pleat structure that maximises the operation flow which, as well as reducing the frequency of cleaning, also makes the cartridges easier to clean when required.

Open flow core. Many manufacturers use punched hole PVC cores. Such filters have fewer openings resulting in the restriction of water flow through the filter. This can cause the filter media to clog with debris quicker and reduce filtering efficiency. A clogged filter can put unnecessary strain on the pump and may also raise the filtering energy cost. Our filters come with an “Open Flow Core” which maintains the structural integrity of the filter while ensuring easy flow through the core, improving the removal of particles, faster pool or spa water turnover and lower energy usage.

  • High quality Reemay polyester fibre filter media.
  • No glue or binders lowering the filtration area.
  • Strong “Open Flow Core” for increased flow.
  • Continuous fibre media reducing chances of breakage.
  • Rigid banded pleat structure for easier cleaning.





AAIM Spa Factory 50 Replacement Cartridge - 255 X 127



A:  Diameter: 127mm
B:  Length:  255mm (not incl handle)
C:  Hole: 45mm

Type: Has a semi-circle handle on the top & a fine internal thread hole on the bottom.

How to properly measure your cartridge filter element?



A: Outer Diameter: 
Measure the outside diameter of the end cap at the widest point.

B: Filter Length:
Measure the overall length of the cartridge including the end caps.  NB! Do not include any handles, attachments, etc.

All measurements are taken from the outside of the filter.

C: Hole (if applicable):

Measure the centre hole as accurately as possible.

How to clean your cartridge filter element?

Looking after the cartridge filter element you bought from Best Pool Supplies is easy! Our filters are constructed using Reemay filter material, well known for its strength, low breakage and low loss characteristics. 

Your filter element should be cleaned once the pressure reaches about 10 psi above the filter normal operating pressure (this can usually be found in the filter owners's manual or printed on the filter canister housing). Good practice would be to clean the filter element at least once a week.

To clean the filter:

  • Remove the filter element from the housing following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Clean out the dirt and debris by rinsing the filter element with a garden hose both inside and out. Make sure that you clean thoroughly between the pleats- a good device for cleaning properly between the pleats is the WaterWand from SwimSafe.
  • DO NOT use a high pressure hose or scrub the element with a brush.
  • Small particles of dirt can be easily removed when the filter element is dry by using compressed air.
  • To remove body fats, sunscreen and other oils, the cartridge should be soaked in an approved cartridge filter cleaner at least once a month. A good product for fast and efficient removing of any greasy substances and small dirt from the filter is spray on Instant Filter Cleaner from Lo-Chlor.

Following the above steps will ensure that your pool and spa water is filtered properly, avoid unnecessary strain on the pump and will extend the life time of your filter element.

Eventually your cartridge filter element will block up and require replacing. If your pool or spa has very high usage, this could happen within 6 - 8 months. It is recommended to replace the filter element once a year. A good indicator that your filter cartridge element needs replacing is that the operating pressure does not drop after the cartridge filter element has been cleaned.

A blocked cartridge element does not filter the water properly and will put undue pressure on your pump and can reduce it's lifespan.


Cartridge Filter Datasheet and Maintenance Instruction

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and enter a draw to win Zodiac OT15

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