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Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner

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Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Catcher

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Leaf Catcher For Pool Cleaners

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Poolskim Automated Pool Skimmer - Return Line Surface Cleaner

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Aqua-Quip Twister - Power Steering For Pool Cleaners

If you are looking for a compact yet powerful unit consider the Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner. The MX6 Pool Cleaner uses patented smart technology to ensure that all of your pool is covered, no obstacle is too great for its superior manoeuvrability.

Easy to use the Zodiac MX6 is a super-efficient cleaner that is lightweight and simple to integrate into your existing pool system.

Other features of the Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner include: 

  • Cyclonic vacuum technology for optimal cleaning without sacrificing power;
  • With onboard x-drive navigation the Zodiac Mx6 is even pre-programmed to reverse out of corners if stuck while providing maximum pool coverage;
  • The flex power turbine is the driving force that is extra efficient using maximum torque when used at low flow;
  • Easy, one click access to the internal mechanisms that makes maintenance a breeze;
  • Hydraulic, mechanical suction;
  • Ideal for in and above ground domestic pools up to 9m x 5m.

The Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner is a compact device that packs a punch in the power department. With state-of-the-art technology it always delivers a high quality clean to keep your pool water pristine.

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Warranty - 2 Years (1 year on wearable parts - tracks and scrubbers)


The Zodiac MX6 is compact in size, yet demonstrates a powerful and efficient clean. The MX6 has great manoeuvrability and provides total pool coverage through patented smart technology.


Product Specifications

  • Technology: hydraulic mechanical suction
  • Suitable for all in-ground and above-the-ground pools, max. 9m x 5m
  • Suitable for tile, concrete, pebblecrete, quartzon, fibreglass and vinyl

Packaging Content

  • 1 x MX6 cleaner body
  • 10 x 1m lengths of Zodiac genuine Twist & Lock hoses, including the leader hose with float
  • 1 x AD flow valve
  • 1 x 90 Degree Elbow
  • 1 x universal weir cuff
  • 1 x Flow Regulator Valve
  • 1 x warranty card
  • 1 x QSG


Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner Manual

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Robotic Pool Cleaner valued

and enter a draw to win Zodiac OT15

Robotic Pool Cleaner valued