Acoustic Box 1100mm Wide Pump and Filter Cover / Enclosure

Acoustic Box 1100mm Wide Pump and Filter Cover / Enclosure

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Optional Accessories

Side Access


Additional access on either side of the Acoustic Box.

Louvered Door


Louvered door for additional ventilation of the Acoustic Box.

Grilled Door / Panel


A door with a grill for additional ventilation of the Acoustic Box.

Flue for Gas Heater


Flu Kit to exhaust gases from a pool heater to the outdoors.

Feet for Levelling / Raising


Adjustable feet to increase box height by up to 40mm of the Acoustic Box.

Extra Timber Panel


Additional dressed timber board on side panel of Acoustic Box for mounting of additional electrics.

H3 Timber Footings


H3 treated timber cut to the size of the enclosure of the Acoustic Box.

The Acoustic Box comes in various sizes and configurations to cater for every layout.

The slim models cater for more confined spaces whilst the backless models cater for situations when you have less than 50mm from the equipment to the wall / fence.

The smaller models (< 1100mm in width) will easily fit a filter (cartridge or sand), a pump, a chlorinator, and the power points. 

The larger models (> 1100mm in width) will fit a filter (sand or cartridge), multiple pumps, spa blowers, chlorinators and more.


  • Reduce noise by 80% - certified by an independent Acoustic Engineer
  • Assemble in as little as 15 minutes - No nuts, bolts or any tools needed.
  • Offer more internal space for easier access - with no bars across the middle and a fully removable front door
  • Save money on design - A custom designed box made from timber or other material will usually cost more - and won't look as good!
  • Save money on equipment- Inferior or cheaper alternatives may cost you more money in the long run as they may be poorly ventilated and damage your equipment.
  • Save money on running costs - A properly soundproofed box means that you can save money on electricity by turning on your equipment at night / during off-peak
  • Comply with all state and council requirements with regards to soundproofing and any other structural aspects.
  • Are industrially designed to provide enhanced sturdiness yet lighter than other models on the market
  • Made of 0.9mm Australian made (BlueScope™) galvanized steel with a thick (Dulux Colorbond™) powder coat finish
  • Comes with clear 3D & Illustrated installation instructions
  • 10 Standard colours
  • Child safety features - making it difficult for children to access the box
  • 100% Australian Made

Warranty - 7 Years


  • The Pool Filter & Pump Cover weighs approx. between 60 and 100 KGS in total
  • The Galvanization means that the box is designed not to rust for 15+ years. The unique design and fabrication ensure withstanding the harsh Australian environment and extreme weather conditions.
  • 25mm ventilation gaps at the front and back of the box allowing for proper air-flow in and out of the box to protect the equipment.
  • 20mm thick Acoustic Foam (29/400 grade) is industrially affixed internally on every panel – and comes certified by an independent Acoustic Engineer to reduce noise by up to 80%.
  • Child Safety - The Pool Filter & Pump cover is designed with child safety features making it virtually impossible or children to access the box. The box can also be locked using any common lock.

The Acoustic Box Brochure
The Acoustic Box Installation Guide
The Acoustic Box Colours
The Acoustic Box Report

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and enter a draw to win Zodiac OT15

Robotic Pool Cleaner valued