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Madimack eFLOW 400 - 1.5 HP Inverter Pool Pump

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The Madimack eFLOW series Pool Pums are the essential tool to maximise efficiencies and minimise running costs across your pool system.  Quiet and efficient, the pumps are designed with advanced Inverter Technology for intuitive ongoing 'energy savings'.  They include built-in Adaptive Flow capacity, Sound Shield Technology and premium hardware, making the unit a mecca for energy savings across your pool system. With additional product features and a unique interface, the eFLOW pump is engineered to enhance your complete pool system.

Quick Connect Technology - creates the perfect pairing between your pool heater and pool pump. It is a simple gadget that maintains perfect flow rates through your pool pump & pool heater - maximising the life, efficiency and performance of the total pool system.

Adaptive Flow Technology - This engineered feature intuitively adjusts flow rates to match capacity needs of your pool system, achieving significant energy savings, reduces wear and tear and overall cost-benefits for the pool owner. Adaptive Flow Technology is the latest engineered feature in pool pumps.

Sound Shield Technology - Material science increasing sound attenuation. Sound is absorbed through the advanced engineered design, making it an almost silent experience, delivering a mere 36dBA (decibels).

DC brushless motor - ensures the pump much less noise, higher efficiency and more durability.

Full Inverter Technology - Moderated motor speed to significantly increase operation efficiency.

Product Features:

  • Energy ratings regulator classified the Elite VS Inverter Pool
  • Enhanced product features to keep your pool water crystal clear & healthy, including automatically maintained filtration requirements inline with pool usage
  • Technological advancements designed to increase the life & performance of your total pool system
  • Perfect pairing with Madimack’s Pool Heaters, automatically balancing the optimal flow rates for both pump & heater using Madimack's Quick Connect Technology, dramatically reducing the wear and tear on your pool system.

Product Specifications:

  • Advised Pool Volume (m³) - 40-70
  • Input Power KW - 0.07~1.03
  • Input Power HP - 1.5
  • Voltage (V/Hz) - 220~240 50/60
  • Max Flow (L/m) - 450
  • Head Max (m) - 14.5
  • Circulation - Flow at 8mh L/min - 400
  • Circulation - Flow at 10mh L/min - 340


  • 4-year warranty (2 Year Mechanical Seal)
Madimack eFLOW Brochure

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and enter a draw to win Zodiac OT15

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