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Waterco Hydrochlor MK3 1000 - Self Cleaning Mineral / Salt Water Chlorinator - 10g/hr


NB. This product is sold with installation included, and must be installed by a trained technician.

The Waterco Hydrochlor MK3 1000 Mineral/Salt Water Chlorinator will sanitise your pool and remove all human-borne and airborne contaminants from the water. Things like sweat, cosmetics, bacteria and dust are just some of the elements that the Hydrochlor Chlorinator can successfully eradicate.

Saltwater chlorination is the ideal way of cleaning your pool without the potential irritation of strong chemicals. It also leaves your skin soft and you can feel refreshed after swimming in a salt water pool.


Features of the Waterco Hydrochlor MK3 1000 - Self Cleaning Mineral / Salt Water Chlorinator - 10g/hr include:

  • Chlorine by electrolysis: An electrolytic cell separates chlorine and sodium in the salt water. The chlorine is transformed into Hypochlorous acid to kill algae and other harmful organisms in the pool water. Afterwards the chlorine and sodium re-bond to once again become natural salt;
  • A more refreshed feeling after swimming in a mild saline solution rather than chemicals;
  • The Waterco Chlorinator automatically maintains the correct level of chlorine in your pool to ensure problems don’t arise from either too high or too low levels;
  • The Waterco Hydrochlor is plumbed directly in-line with the pool equipment, usually after the heater;
  • The special power pack regulates the quantity of energy flowing to the salt cell while at the same time monitoring and controlling chlorine production:
  • Large aluminium heat sink for heat dissipation;
  • A vertical design to save space;
  • Housing that is weather and UV resistant;
  • An override switch for chlorine;
  • An Ezy timer to easily adjust to your ideal program;
  • Controls to adjust chlorine production depending on the season helping you save on energy costs in winter when you are not using your pools much;
  • LED indicators for chlorine production and no flow;
  • The Waterco Hydrochlor Chlorinator has inbuilt pump protection if there is no water in the salt cell the unit will automatically turn off;
  • A salt cell that has UV resistant housing, durable anode and cathode made from titanium plates, brass pin quick connectors, a large lock ring allows easy access, a design that minimizes calcium buildup and a strong housing with a maximum working pressure of 4 bars;
  • A self-clean salt cell that can reverse the polarity of the voltage to remove any calcium on its diodes;
  • Inbuilt battery backup that saves your settings in case of a power failure.


The Waterco Hydrochlor MK3 1000 Chlorinator is a high performer and long lasting. With a huge range of inbuilt features the Waterco Chlorinator will keep your pool sparkling clean for you and your family to enjoy.

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