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Davey Silensor SLL300 - 1.3 HP Pool Pump


Davey Silensor Pool Pumps are well known for their super quiet operation. As a step up from the popular SLS series, the SLL series has a large leaf basket that reduces the frequency of cleaning  whilst being an extremely efficient pump.

Ideal for all types of domestic swimming pools, Silensor Pool Pumps are built from durable materials that ensure they will service your pool for a long time.

Features of the Davey Silensor SLL300 - 1.3 HP Pool Pump include:

  • The unique design promises very quiet operation. A water-cooled motor catches all of the noise and vibrations with Silensor Pool Pumps being rated at 55 dBa. You will forget that it is even running;
  • Designed for a long service life, Silensor Pool Pumps have high performance, long-life plastic components instead of highly corrosive metal parts;
  • Dry run protection to protect the pump if there is no available water;
  • Mechanical seal protection to reduce maintenance and extend the life of the motor;
  • Water-cooled so no need for air ventilation;
  • A large leaf basket to reduce the frequency of cleaning.

Davey Silensor Pool Pumps are perfect for the majority of domestic swimming pool functions like backwashing, filtration, automatic cleaning, water features, solar pool heating and operating spa jets.

Silensor Pool Pumps are available from Best Pool Supplies at the best price in Australia. If you are looking for a high-performing, durable pump talk to us about Davey Silensor Pool Pumps today.


Warranty Period - 3 Years

Following the ever popular SLS series this pump is as quiet and and everlasting, the new SLL models feature a large leaf basket for long intervals between cleaning.

Davey’s water-silenced pool pumps offer super-quiet operation with high efficiency, making them the ideal choice for modern swimming pools.




Mounting Holes
Diametre (mm)

PVC (mm)

PVC (mm)

Weight (kg)

Flow Rate(lpm)
@12m head

SLL150 10 x 34 deep 40/50 40/50* 11.5 150 1.2 870 0.8 635
SLL200 40/50 40/50* 12.5 200 1.5 1130 1.1 830
SLL300 50 50 12.5 300 1.9 1400 1.3 960
SLL400 50 50 13.0 400 2.4 1760 1.6 1200





Davey Silensor Brochure
Davey Silensor Manual

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