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Davey PowerMaster PM350 - 1.6 HP Pool Pump


Made in Australia, Davey PowerMaster Pool Pumps are high quality pumps that have a superior turnover of pool water for a pristine clean.

PowerMaster Pumps are built from strong corrosion and UV resistant materials and will give you great performance for many years. They have an extra heavy duty motor that is fully enclosed to protect it from the elements.

The features of the Davey PowerMaster PM350 - 1.6 HP Pool Pump include:

  • Reliability
  • An inbuilt check valve that protects the pump from reverse flows
  • A thermal overload to shield the motor in case of overheating
  • A Silicon Carbide mechanical seal to extend the life of the motor – suitable for fresh and salt water
  • Powerful pumping ensures that you have optimal flow rates to turn over the water at all times
  • Quiet operation
  • A see-through strainer lid so you can easily gauge when it needs cleaning
  • An extra-large strainer basket to reduce the frequency of cleaning and rapid priming
  • The drain plug makes maintenance easy
  • An optional three phase model can be bought for aquaculture and commercial applications
  • A 3m power lead with 10amp Australian three pin plug fitted to all single phase models

Powermaster Pumps are ideal for a range of swimming pool applications such as concrete pools, tile pools, swim jets, sports and rehabilitation installations, fibreglass and lap pools.

Buy Davey Powermaster pool pumps from us at Best Pool Supplies for the best price in Australia. Powermaster pumps are superior pumps that last you a long time.


Warranty Period - 3 Years

Davey Powermaster pool pumps are high quality Australian made pumps with ultra efficient pool water turnover.




Mounting Holes
Diametre (mm)

PVC (mm)

PVC (mm)

Weight (kg)

Flow Rate(lpm)
@12m head

PM200 10 40/50* 40/50* 15.9 200 1.7 1280 1.2 900
PM250 40/50* 40/50* 15.9 250 1.9 1430 1.4 1050
PM350 40/50* 50 16.0 350 2.2 1670 1.6 1200
PM450 50 50 18.0 450 3 2250 2.3 1750




Davey PowerMaster Brochure
Davey PowerMaster Manual

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