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Zodiac FloPro E3 Variable Speed 1.5HP Pool Pump


If you are looking for an economical three speed, variable pool pump the Zodiac FloPro E3 Pool Pump is one of the best on the market. The FloPro e3 pump is efficient when it comes to energy and can save you money while giving your carbon footprint a boost.

The E3 Pump is simple for you to use, it has three common speeds preset before it leaves the factory but instead of being locked into these you can choose to incrementally increase the speed by 50 revs at a time to find the best solution for your pool’s needs.

Quiet operation is another key feature of the Zodiac FloPro E3 Pool Pump that is suitable for all types of domestic swimming pools. Other features of the FloPro e3 pump include:

  • Specifically designed for the Australian market as an intelligent pool pump. Program the speed that you want to use and it will run in the background while you relax;
  • EcoMode is a low speed that allows for normal filtration with reduced power consumption, recommended for when a cleaner is not attached;
  • Constructed from strong materials, the E3 Pump is built to last. All components are corrosion resistant for ideal performance and durability;
  • Covered by a 3 year warranty (2 years on the mechanical seal);
  • Clean mode is optimal for operation with a pool cleaner;
  • Boost mode is the highest speed and perfect when backwashing, operating spa jets or manually vacuuming the swimming pool;
  • Superior design ensures quiet operation. When in EcoMode the sound registers at less than 50 decibels which is about the same as your average dishwasher. 

The Zodiac FloPro E3 Pool Pump is a powerful, efficient and long lasting pump that suits any domestic swimming pool in Australia. You have control over the speed that you pump uses for all of the different operations and can choose to save on power costs when appropriate.

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Warranty Period - 3 Years
Mechanical Seal - 2 Years

The Zodiac FlooPro e3 is one of the most energy efficient, economical, easy to use 3 speed variable pool pumps on the market today.



FloPro E3 Pool Pump Brochure
FloPro E3 Pool Pump Manual

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and enter a draw to win Zodiac OT15

Robotic Pool Cleaner valued