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Aquaquip EVOMAX Concrete LED Niche Multi Colour Pool Light

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Aquaquip EVOMAX Concrete LED Niche Multi Colour Pool Light Only

The EvoMAX LED Pool Lighting System is the latest arrival in the Aqua-Quip Lighting Range - EvoMAX offers maximum illumination whilst preserving a flush profile.

It has a lens illumination surface 45% larger than Evo2. The wet-niche LED Lighting System connects to the same cable and housing as Evo2, the difference is the lens area and the fact that the one-piece diffused acrylic lens extends beyond the dress ring providing increased beam spread and side-lighting effects

EvoMAX LED lights are available in either fixed colour or multi-colour options. The fixed colours are white, blue or green – the multi-colour option features Aqua-Quip’s unique Colour Selection Palette which provides an almost limitless variety of colour possibilities and a vast array of pre-programmed scroll and flash modes.

Connects using the innovative Quick Connect Plug Kit -  EvoMAX maintains a flush profile protruding just 9mm from the pool wall.

The elegance of the lighting system can be further enhanced with the addition of the optional stainless steel trim ring creating some spectacular visual effects. The EvoMAX system incorporates the latest generation LED technology and thermal management system to ensure maximum light output and reliability. In addition, EvoMAX lights are energy efficient, the entire system is extra-low-voltage ensuring safety at all times.


  • Super bright, energy efficient, long life
  • Made in Australia to all relevant Australian standards and regulations
  • Suitable for concrete pools and retro-fitting.


  • Nominal Supply Voltage: 12V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Voltage Tolerance: +20%, -20%
  • Protection Rating: IPX8 (to 2.0m depth)
  • Power Consumption: White, blue and green = 25 VA
  • Power Consumption: Spectrum III Multi Colour = 30 VA maximum
  • Light Output (typical): White–985 lumens, blue-300 lumens, green-595 Lumens
  • Fault Protection: Power-cycle "run dry" thermal cut out. Voltage transient clamping

EvoMAX LED Lights must only be operated underwater as they are water-cooled.

Warranty - 12 Months

Aquaquip EVOMAX Installation
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and enter a draw to win Zodiac OT15

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