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Davey ChloroMatic MCS50C - Self Cleaning Salt Water Chlorinator


Davey ChloroMatic MCS50C 

Automate your pool cleaning with the ChloroMatic MCS16C saltwater chlorinator.

Enjoy Davey’s easy-to-use controls, easy-to-clean reverse polarity cell and easy-to-forget automatic pH control.

Capable of processing saltwater for giant 200,000L pools, the ChloroMatic MCS50C is a salt chlorinator powerhouse.

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ChloroMatic MCS50C Features 

  • Eziset digital timer controls
  • Reverse polarity electrolytic cells
  • Automatic pH control
  • High-rate chlorine production
  • 50g/hour output for 200,000L pools
  • Rapid pool water turnover
  • UV stabilised controller enclosure
  • Simple cell replacement
  • 4500-6000ppm operating salt level


How it works

Intelligence inside the control panel sets the ChloroMatic MCS50C apart from the rest. The winter mode automatically activates in colder months to reduce sanitiser output, saving energy and preserving itself. A flow detector senses and halts electrolysis when there is no water flow, preventing hazardous gas build-up. A reverse polarity cell works to keep the cell clean. And finally, handy one glance ‘low salt’ and ‘no flow’ indicators instill peace of mind.

Davey didn’t skimp on quality material parts when designing the MCS50C. The salt chlorinator is manufactured with corrosion-resistant, UV stabilised polypropylene for long service life. The large surface area of the cell plates is responsible for a high-rate of chlorine production (200,000L pools). When you’re in a hurry, the door to the control panel self-closes to protect the device from rain.

Take control with the large digital display and LED indicators. The EziSet digital time clock lets you ‘set and forget’ the various pre-programs. Options like automatic pH control, seasonal modes, and a variety of weekly schedules.


Established in 1934, Davey provides a two-year warranty for the ChloroMatic MCS50C power supply. Two years on the electrode, three years for the sensor probe and finally one year warranty on the PH Pump Module.

Davey ChloroMatic MCS50C - Self Cleaning Salt Water Chlorinator combine the feel of usual, clean, sparking pool water with automated pool chlorination. With a big choice of models, the Davey Chloromatic Salt Water Chlorinator is ideal for all residential pools. Plus you get Davey’s easy-to-use controls, easy-to-clean reverse polarity cell and the option of automatic pH control.







  1. In ‘hard water’ applications (above 275ppm), reverse polarity systems will require regular (monthly) inspection and manual cleaning.
  2. The appropriate chlorinator size for your pool is dependent on the local climate and the bather load of the pool. Please note that chlorinator cell life can be increased with shorter running times during winter and lower output settings. Davey recommends that a chlorinator is run for between 6 - 8 hours a day during summer and between 2 - 4 hours during winter. A 24 hour super chlorination is recommended after heavy pool use.
  3. Please read instruction manual for further pool size and running time information.

Davey ChloroMatic Brochure
Davey ChloroMatic Manual

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