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Astral Hurlcon VX9T Salt Water Chlorinator


Salt water chlorination is now an accepted norm rather than the new kid on the block. The Astral Hurlcon VX9T Salt Water Chlorinator delivers the naturally relaxing feel of salt water in your pool whilst ensuring that it is clean and healthy for you and your family.

The VX9T Chlorinator is an automatic sanitation system that gives you a superior clean over chemical chlorination. The system converts salt water into a user friendly chlorine without irritating your skin or creating a harsh odour.

Features of the Astral Hurlcon VX9T Salt Water Chlorinator include:

  • Durable construction
  • Self-cleaning using intelligent analysis that extends the life of the unit
  • Easy to use touch pad (control chlorine, filter cleaning and more) and timer controls
  • Control the levels of chorine in your pool at all times
  • Isolate your pool from your spa for accurate sanitizing
  • Minimal backwashing for greater efficiency
  • Program optional extended operation with the push of a button
  • Designed to cope with Australia’s harshest conditions - IP X5 weather protection, fine mesh screens and a long life cooling fan to help seal and cool critical electronic components
  • The VX Chlorinator is ideal for use with AstralPool’s unique Acqua Therepé minerals
  • Fully automated when connected to the AstralPool Viron Connect Pool and Spa Automation System
  • 5 sizes available to help you match your needs
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 5 year warranty on the cell and 5 year pro rata on the power pack

The Astral Hurlcon VX Chlorinator helps you to enjoy your pool more by ensuring that the water is clean and crystal clear at all times. Intelligent operation makes sure that you are in control of the Hurlcon Chlorinator at all times.

When you buy an Astral Hurlcon VX Chlorinator from us at Best Pool Supplies we will ensure that you get the best price.

Model Time Clock Chlorine Out-put
Per Hour
Pool Volume (Litres)
(temperate climate*)
Pool Volume (Litres)
(tropical climate**)
VX 7T Yes 25 gms 96,000 50,000
VX 9T Yes 30 gms 120,000 75,000
VX 11T Yes 42 gms 160,000 100,000


Warranty Period - 3 year warranty on the cell and power pack

Astral Hurlcon VX9T Salt Water Chlorinator Manual

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