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Astral Viron P520C XT MKII - Variable Speed Pool Pump


Astral Viron P520C XT MKII - Variable Speed Pool Pump

AstralPools Viron XT pumps are proudly made in Australia and provide fantastic energy efficiency. This results in reduced lifetime operating costs for a pool and superior performance when it's needed. The remarkable high flow and pressure of these pumps allow them to deliver excellent results in demanding applications. A full variable speed controller makes it possible to customise the flow rate for your pool and filtration system. The XT offers unparalleled versatility thanks to its overdrive and fast prime functions.

The AstralPool P520C XT stands out with its inbuilt time clock and 4 programmable timer periods. Maximum flexibility is achieved through the ability to assign a different speed to each period, enabling special applications such as floor cleaning or water features for specific times of day. It is well-suited for demanding applications with high flow and high pressure, while offering exceptional energy efficiency. Moreover, electronic power factor correction provides even more power savings when running at maximum speed.

Product Features

  • Whether you need a small or large size, P320C XT and P520C XT models have the perfect fit for your needs
  • Enjoy yearly savings on operating costs thanks to efficient features and design
  • High performance overdrive mode and fast priming programs ensure maximum productivity
  • Bluetooth® connection included for convenient setup and connection
  • Reduce carbon emissions with eco-friendly design
  • Enjoy whisper-quiet operation with every use
  • Enjoy longer equipment and pump life with reliable performance
  • Climate Care Certified by SPASA Australia for extra peace of mind

Tailor your pool filtration with the Viron XT pump - This multi-functional device can be adjusted to flow at a gentle rate of 120 to 200 litres per minute, or at higher speeds and pressures for tasks like vacuuming, filter cleaning, and water features. Choose from RPM rates of 600 or 3600 to customise your pump to whatever task it's being used for. P320XT is perfect for most residential pools, while the P520XT is powerful enough for larger pools and more demanding applications.

The Viron XT pump was designed with simplicity in mind - Three preset speeds suit most pools and applications, while users can adjust each individual speed with the push of an up or down button. Intuitive operation makes it easy to use, while special consideration was taken to accommodate non-tech savvy users.

Enjoy the unique performance features of Viron XT pump - Fast prime mode runs the pump at higher speeds, reducing the time needed to expel air from the system and pump by more than 30%. When running spa jets, in floor cleaning systems or water features, Overdrive mode increases pump speed while keeping the power within limits. Plus, you can save with a smaller sized model that outperforms much larger pumps.

Energy and cost savings - Increasing or decreasing the speed of a pump can affect the flow rate proportionally. However, the energy consumed by adjusting the speed and flow will change dramatically. By halving the speed of a pump, the flow rate will also reduce by half, but more than 85% of energy consumption will be saved. Viron XT pumps offer substantial cost reductions in yearly operating costs compared to conventional single speed pumps.

Environmentally friendly - By reducing energy consumption up to 90%, the Viron XT range of pumps offers an improved level of environmental sustainability compared to conventional single speed pumps, which are known to be more energy-intensive and result in higher Co2 emissions than any other household appliance. The use of appropriately-sized motors in AstralPool pumps also lowers the carbon footprint incurred during the manufacturing process. This helps considerably in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production process.

Quality components - Utilising a combination of 316 stainless steel hardware, robust engineering plastics, high quality silicone seals, and advanced motor and electronic designs, Viron XT Pumps are built to perform in the toughest conditions on Earth. These investments provide superior longevity and reliability, as well as easier servicing and repair options.

Warranty - 3 years except seals (2 years only on mechanical seal)


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