Saltmate RP20 Self Cleaning Salt Water Chlorinator

Save yourself time and money with a Saltmate Chlorinator. Saltmate are at the cutting edge of salt water technology having been manufacturing salt water products since 1988.

Also save your family from chlorination irritation using a salt water Saltmate Chlorinator and start getting more enjoyment from your pool.

Features of the Saltmate Chlorinator include:

  • Weather protected to an I.P 34 rating to cope with even the harshest Australian conditions;
  • Water resistant casing;
  • A high production and flow rate parallel mesh including solid plate cell design;
  • A durable power supply for economical and consistent performance;
  • Between 0.4 and 0.7 percent salt which is about 1/8th of the salt found in seawater;
  • Salt water chlorination softens the skin with no unpleasant taste;
  • An easy, user friendly interface makes operation a breeze;
  • Low maintenance with self-cleaning capability;
  • Ideal for most domestic pools;
  • An regulating chlorine control;
  • A touch pad for easy adjustments;
  • Protected from excess salt;
  • A heat resistant circuit breaker and protection from overload;
  • Safety gas trap built into the cell;
  • On/Off switch for the cell;
  • Clear case on the cell so that electrodes can be checked;
  • Large high flow rate cell assembly to suit standard plumbing 40/50mm;
  • Flow sensitive shutdown switch;
  • Optional battery backup and 12v light transformer;
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 2 year full warranty on power pack and cell with 3 year pro rata warranty on cell;  

Built for Australia’s tough conditions the Saltmate Chlorinator is a high performer in your pool. Save time, money and energy when you install a Saltmate Chlorinator.

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