Davey Easy Clear EC 750 CrystalClear - 75 Sqft Cartridge Filter

Davey Easy Clear EC 750 CrystalClear - 75 Sqft Cartridge Filter


The Davey Easy Clear EC 750 CrystalClear uses a patented design that allows it to be easily installed into existing systems without any modifications or additional parts. This makes it ideal for retrofit applications where space is limited.

See the sparkling clear difference with EasyClear EC 750 water-conscious filter system. This filter from Davey features larger filter areas, better peak filtration performance, and longer operational cycles.

With its corrosion-resistant construction, the EC 750 will last for years. Get the guaranteed best price for the Davey Easy Clear EC 750 only at the Best Pool Supplies online store.

Features of the Davey Easy Clear EC 750 CrystalClear - 75 Sqft Cartridge Filter

  • Ultra-fine filtration with 4oz mesh weight
  • Tough A.B.S. tank construction
  • UV resistant & non-corrosive
  • Element produced by Dupont Reemay
  • Reinforced polyurethane end caps
  • Quality pressure gauge
  • Multiple safety features
  • Eliminates backwashing requirements
  • Easy cleaning with wide-set pleats


How it works

When dirty pool water enters the filter, it flows through a polyester element cartridge. Particles suspended in the water are caught here, while the water returning to the pool is crystal clear. As time passes, dirt builds up inside the filter element.

Dirt will increase the water pressure and decrease the flow, seen with one glance at the pressure gauge. When the water pressure slows down, you know it’s time to remove and clean the element.

Assembly is simplified with A.B.S. barrel unions and two inlet points - for either 90 or 180-degree plumbing. Before a clean, a manual air bleed will depressurise the system. A top-side lock ring is pulled to allow quick access to the filter.

Here, you can quickly spray between the wide pleats with a garden hose to clean. Multiple safety measures, such as an automatic air bleed and tank-bypass valve, will prevent air buildup and dangerous pressure levels.

The beauty of Davey cartridge filters is they are universally working with other pool pumps. However, be careful when matching the pump and filtration capacities for maximum performance.

Why not try the Davey PowerMaster E.C.O. or Silensor E.C.O. swimming pool pumps also sold here at Best Pool Supplies.


Australian manufacturer Davey offers a generous five-year warranty on tank replacement and one year-year warranty on all other components.

The Davey Easy Clear EC 750 / CrystalClear – 75 sqft Cartridge Filter has been specially designed for the swimming pool owner who is after clean water without the higher cost of backwashing. The range on offer suits small to medium sized swimming pools and designed for easy installation and maintenance.



Davey CrystalClear Cartridge Filter Datasheet
Davey CrystalClear Cartridge Filter Instruction Manual

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and enter a draw to win Zodiac OT15

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