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Zodiac Nature 2 Spa Stick - Generic

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Nature 2 Spa Stick - Generic

Sanitize your spa with our low maintenance and eco friendly Nature2 SPA. Just drop the Nature2 SPA stick into the spa's filter and forget about it for up to four months! 



  • Eco-friendly way to keep your spa free from harmful bacteria.
  • Not affected by heat or swimmer load.
  • Reduces need for harsh chemicals - less stinging eyes and skin irritation.
  • No moving parts or electricity required.
  • Use with an approved oxidiser for a safe, clear spa.


To maintain optimal performance, the Nature2 Spa stick should be replaced every 4 months.


Is Nature2 a filter?  

No. A filter simply removes particles and debris. Nature2 sanitizes pool water by destroying bacteria, which is too small to be caught by a filter. You still need a filter when using Nature2 system.

Do I still need to use chlorine with Nature2?

Yes, you need to use a small amount of residual oxidizer to ensure water sanitizing. With the Nature2 you can reduce the chlorine level to just 0.5 ppm. You won't feel, smell, or be affected by chlorine at this         level.

​Will I need to add other chemicals to my pool or spa if I use Nature2?

​YES, The spa or pool is treated as normal, balancing and stabilising chemicals are to be used to maintain the water.

How do I know if Nature2 is working?  

The best test is improved water quality; you'll notice a big difference. Visual clarity and sparkle shows Nature2 is working properly.

Can I use Bromine, Bromide or Baquacil in my pool or spa with Nature2?

NO, With bromine or bromide based chemicals, Nature2’s silver ions will be inactivated. This may result in cloudy water. Biguanide products can also leave a tacky residual around the scum line of a pool or         filter cartridge.

Will Nature2 stain my pool?

NO. There is a non-stain warranty with Nature2. The silver works on a saturation point and there is not enough copper present in the cartridge to stain.


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and enter a draw to win Zodiac OT15

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